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Fun Games with CambridgeToken

Blockchain based online game room for any smart contracts you want to deploy.

Club Voting & Decision Making

A decentralised platform with the benefits of publicity, equality, and security

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Projects and Activities

Come and Get Involved!
We host a range of events and programs to promote blockchain in Cambridge and beyond.


Teaching open-source cyptocurrency courses. Hosting programming workshops and hackathons.


Working with companies to develop strategic approaches to implement blockchain technologies.


Advising you on the different applications and possibilities implementing this technology.

Technical Startups

Dedicated team of highly motivated students who are eager to build blockchain applications to match specific issues.

Academic Research

Researching new blockchain technology developments and translating these new changes into use cases.


Providing overview of the current state of both enterprise and public sector use of blockchain and DLT.

Event on 2 July

6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge Science Park

This is a meetup to demystify blockchain with introductory presentations.
It will also offer a good opportunity for you to meet like-minded people within Cambridge who share the same passion and interest.

Details TBA


Looking for people with a deep interest in blockchain and crypto. Opportunity to be part of a full spectrum blockchain bank working on ICO's, crypto research, OTC deals and blockchain focussed VC.
Please send your CV/cover letter to Charlie.

Marble Arch, London

Summer, 2018

Cambridge Wireless Blockchain Event

Blockchain: a waste of resources, or the future of networking?
No coins required... It's at the Bradfield Centre on Cambridge Science Park, starting 5.30/6pm with pizza and talks. will speak.

Bradfield Center, Cambridge

June 5th, 2018 at 17.30

China & UK Blockchain

Join our society along with BGTA and XChain to explore the Blockchain ecosystems of both the UK and China. The society is looking for interesting startups to pitch during the event.

GSMA, London

June 11th, 2018 at 13.00

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