Blockchain projects within the Society's community

Open Origins

Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers & Ann Sofie Cloots

At OpenOrigins, we believe you need to be able to trust what you see on the internet. We give you the tools to find out whether you’re seeing a fabrication or something real, and have certainty in the ownership of your digital assets. Therefore, we help you source NFTs from world-renowned sources, tracking their provenance at every step of the way.


Michael Quartey & Lukas Bruell

Eczodex is a floating-peg asset that asset that draws on publicly available fundamental data to set its price, providing capital growth and minimising volatility.


Alessandro Rietmann

Finity Technologies is a US-venture backed blockchain startup based in London. We build cutting edge financial infrastructure on new blockchain platforms. We are community-oriented and remote-first. is a platform to create, stake and swap Dfinity tokens. We are currently looking for DEX Legal experts!


We will highlight selected projects from our community on here. Feel free to drop us an message even if you just have an idea, are looking for co-founders or partners, or are a VC looking for dealflow. Of course, collaborations both internal and external to the University of Cambridge are more than welcome.

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